Nintendo will be compensated by a free Super Mario rom download page


They just announced that Nintendo has won the battle against Love SUPER MARIO ROM and Love Retro, which offered Super Mario rom of their retro games without permission. In addition, the company will be compensated. We tell you all the details below.

Nintendo denounces two websites of Super Mario rom

Earlier this summer, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against the Love SUPER MARIO ROM and Love Retro sites for illegally offering Super Mario rom of their games. The Great N alleged that this distribution was a blatant and massive violation of the rights of its intellectual property, so it could not allow it, especially considering that it was about to offer retro games with Nintendo Switch Online .

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At that time, the company demanded the closure of both sites, in addition to $ 150,000 for each game they had on its website and $ 2 million for each infringement committed with a registered trademark. Well, months later we have the judgment, which requires Love SUPER MARIO ROM and Love Retro sites pay a total of 12.2 million dollars to Nintendo, and not the 100 million originally requested.

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Be that as it may, this resolution sets a precedent for all those sites that offer Super Mario rom illegally, as Nintendo will continue to demand that they do so in order not to prejudice the legal distribution of their games. In fact, many other pages that were sued at the time have been closed to avoid having to compensate the company. Little by little, the company will try to end the illegal distribution of its software.